Deep Sea Salt Scrub

Deep Sea Salt Scrub will exfoliate your skin, remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells and leav...

45 Mins ~ $90

Rose Body Mud

Rose Body Mud is the ultimate treatment for your skin, providing extreme hydration, perfectly suited...

35 Mins ~ $60

Milk & Honey Body Polish

It will use rich minerals and lavish oils that hydrate and exfoliate your body gently and thoroughly...


45 Mins ~ $90

Seaweed Mud

Seaweed Mud treatment is designed to stimulate, firm and tone the skin.

35 Mins ~ $50

Ovary Care Treatment

Ovary Care Treatment is a specially formulated massage to improve ovarian function and blood circula...


60 Mins ~ $120

Body Slim Treatment

A unique muscle vibration treatment focuses on applying pressure for a deep muscle massage which wil...

60 Mins ~ $120

10 Sessions ~ $880